Cont'd:  But what is the alternative?

Continuing to suffer because we’re unwilling to take a chance on something that could help? We’re afraid of trying something new and it failing? THAT is vulnerability right there. Trying something new without the guarantee of success.

Why are we such slaves to foods? Back in the day, people didn’t have the luxury of thinking about real food as a luxury, a choice, a convenience. Food was nourishment, sustenance, survival. It wasn’t something focused on, talked about, dissected. Food was just food. You ate the real stuff and didn’t eat what made you feel gross. So, why are we so attached to foods that harm us these days? Sweets, processed foods and glutenous gobbledegook?

I’m just as guilty as anyone else. As you’ve learned from my experience above, I was just as resistant as the next guy. It was only when I made the choice to take a chance and make the change, to show my body the love it needed to heal, to surrender to the healing process that things began to change for me.

I shared my experience with my friend and encouraged her to get vulnerable and make these two important changes for her family. The alternative was watching her son suffer and to continue feeling stressed because of his behavior. What was the harm in giving it a shot, after all?

After our heart to heart, my friend decided to surrender to something new, a different way of doing things that just might make the difference between heartbreak and healing. And, it was a success! By making those simple changes, the life of her family changed forever. Her son was able to focus, do better in school, handle stress easier and be a happy member of the family. Making that change created space for her entire family to thrive!

As that quote from Bréne Brown says, “we can understand ourselves fully, but the key to a wholehearted life is loving ourselves.”

The same can be said for healing: You can understand every last thing about your disease, but the only way to live a whole life again is to love yourself enough to make the leap and choose healing.


A) The possibility of more energy, a healthy body and feeling normal again


B) Feeling the way you do today for the rest of your life

If you chose "A," please keep reading below to learn exactly how I reversed my thyroid disease...and you can too.

Finally...6 Proven Steps for Reversing Thyroid Disease

Expert Support to Get Your Life Back...Naturally!

Thyroid disease is a daily struggle.

For starters, you’re likely suffering from some (or all!) of the following symptoms:

  • Waking up foggy and fatigued – with low energy that lasts throughout the day
  • Feeling constantly stressed, or prone to panic/anxiety attacks
  • Excess weight you can’t seem to lose, no matter what you do
  • Collapsing midday for a nap… unable to function until you rest
  • Feeling like you’re 90 years old, when you’re decades younger than that!
  • Tests that show ‘normal’ thyroid levels – even when you have all the symptoms of an autoimmune disorder
  • Being made to feel like “It’s all in your head”

And it get's worse...

If you’ve sought treatment or expert advice, you may have come up against:

  • Doctors who rarely seem to have any REAL ANSWERS for you
  • Prescriptions that don’t work… and may even make your symptoms worse!
  • Feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by all the conflicting information out there about your disease
  • Spending time, money and energy you don't have  - doing everything in your power to feel like yourself again

You may even be starting to give up hope that it’s possible for you to heal at all.

Believe me, I get it...

My name is Jen Wittman, and my life’s mission is to support women just like YOU to reverse hypothyroid, hyperthyroid, Hashimoto's and autoimmune disease naturally.

But a few years ago, you would not have recognized me as the smiling woman in this picture…

Jen Wittman, CHHC, AADP

Creator of Thyroid Loving Care & The Thyroid Fix in 6

I struggled with the debilitating symptoms of Hashimoto’s for years – and it impacted every area of my life.

After 2 trips to the ER, 12 different doctors, years of fatigue, hair loss, weight fluctuations, hot flashes, chills, anxiety attacks and extreme digestive upheavals, I was finally diagnosed… but I couldn’t find help ANYWHERE.

No one seemed to have the answers I so desperately needed.

As a busy mom and business woman, I went on the hunt for practical solutions that would work in my overwhelming and over-scheduled life – quick, family-friendly meals, natural home remedies, fitness that actually fit into my hectic day, and some serious “me-time.”

Around the same time, more and more women with thyroid imbalances started coming into my health coaching practice, looking for support. My clients couldn’t believe how energetic and ALIVE I was, with a diagnosed thyroid condition.

They wanted to know my secret for reversing the disease.

So, I took my degree in psychology, my career as a chef, and my work in nutrition & health coaching – and created a program to help women everywhere get free from the shackles of thyroid and autoimmune disease for good.

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