Discover How One Stressed-Out Mom REVERSED Her Thyroid Disease and Has Been Symptom Free for Years — And How You Can Do It EVEN FASTER!

I'll teach you how to overcome:
  • A doctor who doesn’t listen to you
  • Side-effects caused by prescriptions
  • ​Family and friends who don’t understand
  • ​Inadequate lab tests
  • Stress that is wrecking your thyroid

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This FREE Workshop is a MUST ATTEND if You Suffer from:

Hashimoto’s - Hypothyroid - Hyperthyroid - Inflammation - Autoimmune Disease

Anxiety - Brain Fog - Fatigue - Weight Issues - Hair Loss - Exhaustion - Adrenal Fatigue

Overwhelm - Mood Swings - Chills - Depression - Insomnia - Being Labeled a Hypochondriac

You’ll walk away knowing:

  • How your thyroid really works
  • The #1 lab test for an accurate diagnosis
  • How to know if you doctor is helping...or holding you back from healing
  • Why your liver is critical to symptom reversal and how to address it
  • How prescriptions could be causing your symptoms to be getting worse
  • 7 simple tactics for reducing stress and overwhlem
  • The right amount of exercise to lose "thyroid weight" (it's less than you think!)

Hi, I’m Jen, and I help people reverse their thyroid disease and heal naturally, even when doctors have told them it’s impossible. After the birth of my son, I struggled with an endless list of debilitating symptoms, two trips to the ER and 12 doctors before being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. After years of research and trying every method I could find, I now live symptom-free and have the energy to do everything I dream of.  I was able to distill down the methods that really worked and found that TLC was the secret weapon to my success. 

Now, I teach women around the world to do the same so they can regain their health and live vibrantly every day.  I'm a certified Holistic Health Coach, author of Amazon #1 New Release Healing Hashimoto's Naturally and a compassionate, thyroid/autoimmune coach providing one-of-a-kind, long-lasting healing programs with a heaping dose of joy and humor.