Welcome and congratulations  for taking this powerful step for supporting the healing of your thyroid and your life!

This journey, your journey, is also my journey and the journey of hundreds of women who have taken their lives back from thyroid disease, even when nearly everyone, perhaps even their own doctor, said it couldn’t be done. It takes courage to make the decision you have made and commitment to stick with it. However, when you do, you will be greatly rewarded as there is nothing more incredibly wonderful than falling back in love with your body and your life!



Please watch the welcome video for important tips and information for getting the most from this program:


Each month you’ll receive new information, another tool in your toolkit, to explore adding into your personal Thyroid Loving Care routine. And while all the tips, tools and recommendations are simple, you’ll find some easier to incorporate than others. Pay careful attention to what challenges you as I have found that it is within the challenging changes where most of the benefits lie!

Module 1: Thyroid Love 101 Intro


Module 1: Thyroid Love 101 Coaching Video


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Your Month 2 TLC Coming Soon: The Thyroid Food Fix
Your Month 3 TLC Coming Soon: All About Symptoms, Sleep & Solutions  
Your Month 4 TLC Coming Soon: Daily Detox & Self Care 
Your Month 5 TLC Coming Soon: Fine Tuning Your Fitness & Your Food
Your Month 6 TLC Coming Soon: Stress Reductions and Ninja Time Management Secrets