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Q: Is Megasporebiotic okay for children?

Yes, but start children under the age of 16 on a small dose (1/4-1/2 capsule) and follow the general dosage guidelines that will be sent with your order.  If discomfort occurs, consult your child's pediatrician.

Q: What are probiotics?

Our ancestors had a diet brimming with nutrients and beneficial species of live bacteria because they lived off the land. These species of live bacteria evolved into an essential component of our digestive system known as probiotics. Probiotics regulate the digestive system, improve immune function and serve as the first line of defense against infections.

Q: What conditions are specific for MegaSporeBiotic?

Clinically, the creators of MegaSporeBiotic have benefitted the following conditions and other practitioners have reported major benefits in these listed conditions as well:

- SIBO, Crohn's, IBS, IBD and Colitis

- Minor and major gastro discomfort - gas, bloating, indigestion

- Acid Reflux / GERD

- Hashimoto's / Hypothyroid / Hyperthyroid Disease

- Cystic Acne

- Rheumatoid Arthritis

- Allergies, Asthma, Eczema, Psoriasis

Q: What are the bacteria strains in MegaSporeBiotic?

MegaSporeBiotic contains 5 pharmaceutical grade strains that each have unique function and thus contribute to the overall effectiveness of the product. Below is a brief description of each:

1) Bacillus Indicus HU36 – The first carotenoid rich probiotic strain offered to the dietary supplement market. An isolate from humans, Indicus HU36 produces high levels of powerful carotenoids (antioxidants) at the site of absorption. Carotenoids do not survive the gastric system well. HU36 however, has demonstrated the ability to survive past the stomach acid and produce the carotenoids at their site of absorption in the gut. This makes the carotenoids produced by HU 36 the most bioavailable supplementary carotenoids in the marketplace. HU36 gives MegaSporeBiotic a function that no other probiotic formulations on the market can claim-it provides key nutrients in their most potent form.

2) Bacillus Clausii – This strain is the largest selling strain of prescription probiotic in the world. For the first time, this strain is made available to the U.S. dietary supplement industry and is available exclusively to healthcare professionals. Bacillus Clausii is recommended for use during antibiotic treatment due to its ability to resist damage from a variety of common antibiotics. MegaSporeBiotic has the unique function of being a powerful supplement that can be used in adjunct with antibiotic therapy to keep the organisms balanced in the gut.

3) Bacillus Subtilis HU58 – Bacillus Subtilis has been extensively studied on a genetic and functional level. There are several probiotic products in the pharmaceutical and agricultural markets that utilize this powerful probiotic. One very interesting function of Bacillus Subtilis is its ability to produce nearly 12 strong antibiotics that are potent fighters of opportunistic and harmful bacteria. Bacillus Subtilis HU58 offers MegaSporeBiotic the ability to prevent harmful bacteria growth in a variety of conditions. In addition, HU58 produces a very healthy compound called Nattokinase. Nattokinase is secreted from vegetative cells of Bacillus subtilis and has been shown to reduce blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and reduce excessive clotting by fibrinolysis. Along with Nattokinase, Bacillus subtilis also produces a number of other nutrients that have systemic health benefits such as B vitamins and Vitamin K2. Bacillus subtilis HU58 offers MegaSporeBiotic the important function of fighting off pathogenic bacteria and producing key nutrients in the gut itself. In addition, HU58 is an extremely potent immune stimulator. It has the function of germinating in the small intestines to some degree and this offers the effect of broad-spectrum immune stimulation.

4) Bacillus Licheniformis – A probiotic often found with Bacillus subtilis and other bacillus species, licheniformis has been shown to have a potent effect of preventing the growth of harmful bacteria via the production of a common antibiotic called bacitracin. It is also a potent immune stimulator. Another very important feature of bacillus licheniformis is its ability to produce highly effective and stable protease enzymes in the gut that assist in the digestion and absorption of proteins. Lastly, licheniformis also produces the whole spectrum of B vitamins in the gut including folic acid and biotin and acts as an important nutrient factory in the digestive system.

5) Bacillus Coagulans – A very well studied probiotic in the spore family that has a profound effect on inflammatory conditions such as IBS and Crohn’s. Bacillus coagulans offers MegaSporebiotic an expanded effect of controlling these common inflammatory bowel conditions in addition to its potent immune boosting activity. Coagulans has the unique attribute of producing lactic acid and specifically the L+ optical isomer of lactic acid, which has been shown to have a more profound effect on immune stimulation and gut defense than the other forms of lactic acid produced by conventional probiotics. Coagulans is also a tremendous colonizer and thus assures proper colonization of MEGAsporebiotic, which in turn will produce the beneficial effects required. Coagulans also plays a key role in digestion of food and absorption of nutrients. In fact, Coagulans can digest incoming fat to reduce the uptake of cholesterol. Coagulans adds another dimension to MEGAsporebiotic, giving it a potent ability to fight inflammatory conditions, aid in digestion and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

Q: I'm currently taking a probiotic that seems to be working fine. Why should I switch to MegaSporeBiotic?

MegaSporeBiotic offers functions that other common probiotics do not. Effective probiotics go beyond digestive health. Effective probiotics are critical for immune function, immune stimulation, managing populations of dangerous bacteria, digestion of cholesterol, neutralizing toxins, production of key nutrients, etc. Unless your current probiotic contains high doses of several spore strains, it is not providing all these beneficial affects. Use MegaSporeBiotic to take complete advantage of all the functions of a true probiotic.

Q: Why doesn't MegaSporeBiotic contain the lactobacillus or bifidobacter species of bacteria?

Lactobacillus and Bifidobacter species do meet the first requirement according to the new probiotic criteria defined by research from the Human Microbiome Project that is run by the National Institutes for Health. That is they do naturally occur in the digestive tract. In fact lactobacillus and bifidobacter species are in very high concentrations in the digestive tract of humans. This is exactly why these 2 bacteria cannot meet criteria two. There are in excess of 20 trillion lactobacillus and bifidobacter species in the average human digestive tract. Supplements today contain100 billion strains on the high end. This is nowhere near the amount that would be necessary to stimulate the immune system. This also assumes that the bacteria will survive the digestive tract. Research shows that a majority of orally supplemented lactobacillus and bifidobacter species are destroyed by the conditions found in the stomach and upper digestive tract. Lastly, most lactobacillus and bifidobacter species are anaerobic organisms that are designed to live in the digestive tract. They don’t normally live in the environment because they are sensitive to the presence of oxygen, UV light and other chemicals found in the natural environment. This means they do not fit criteria 3 of our new definition of probiotics. Its important to note that an individual gets their initial dose of lactobacillus and bifidobacter species from their mother through birth and breast feeding. Later in life, orally derived probiotics must be organisms that live naturally in the environment as well at the digestive system so that exposure to these organisms are possible.

Q: What is the shelf life of MegaSporeBiotic?

2 Years, expiration date will be indicated on the box.

Q: Will the spores still work if I pull the capsule apart to take it?

Absolutely. This is the preferred way to administer to children (1/4-/2 the recommended adult dose). It can be pulled apart and the powder mixed into nearly any food or drink. It is temperature stable, so it can even be mixed into hot tea, coffee or soup. There is no real taste impact of the powder.

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