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Available only through qualified practitioners and coaches

It's the only probiotic I give to my family and recommend to the TLC Community.

Jen Wittman - Creator, Thyroid Loving Care

I love Megasporebiotic….already after 3 days my skin is clearing.

Michele W.
Cape Coral, FL

I'm noticing a lot of improvement - not as much IBS, bloating seems to be doing better and acid reflux about 70% improvement. Nothing has worked this well. So grateful you have shared this.

Sheryl S.
Huntington Beach, CA

I received my Megaspore on Monday and took my first capsule on Tuesday. Wednesday I had the first "normal" bowel movement in...well, it's been so long I don't really know how long.  I am hoping results continue to be as stunning!

Karen B.
in Michigan

Yes, Yes and Yes! I'm three weeks into it. I've been able to stop the histamine blocker enzymes (which was causing constipation). I'm not so scared to eat anymore and I'm slowly introducing more foods back into my diet. Thank you, Jen!

Cindi G.
Franklin, MA

I am enjoying all the benefits you mentioned. No more bloating and constipation. I feel great!

Phyllis M.
Boise, ID

After only a few days, my stomach cramps have diminished and diarrhea is gone. Love Megaspore!

Debbie S.
Bloomington, IN

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