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New Customer FAQ's

Q: How should I begin?

Begin SLOWLY. General guidelines for healthy adults to get started are:
Week 1: 1 capsule (per day) after a meal every other day. If you experience any discomfort, lower dose to 1/4-1/2 capsule.
Week 2: 1 capsule (per day) after a meal every day.
Week 3: Progress to the standard dosage of 2 capsules (per day) after a meal every day or the dosage recommended by your health care provider. 

Q: What if my system is extra sensitive?

If your system is particularly sensitive and/or you are under the care of a health care provider, we recommend you follow what has worked for you historically when introducing a new food into your system and to consult with your health care provider.   For some, a 1/4-1/2 capsule is a good place to start.  Simply open a capsule and mix a portion of the contents into any food or beverage (hot or cold).

Q: How long until I see results?

This varies significantly by individual. Some have reported improvements within the first few days or weeks, others take longer to notice the changes. Of course, just because you don't "feel" different, doesn't mean positive changes are not happening! We recommend a minimum of a 3 month commitment to realize a significant shift.   

Q:  I'm currently taking a probiotic, should I stop when I begin with MegaSporeBiotic?

We recommend that for the duration of your first bottle of MegaSporeBiotic that you stop taking your current probiotic to give the body the opportunity to fully realize the unique benefits.  MegaSporeBiotic offers functions that other common probiotics do not. Effective probiotics go beyond digestive health. Effective probiotics are critical for immune function, immune stimulation, managing populations of dangerous bacteria, digestion of cholesterol, neutralizing toxins, production of key nutrients, etc. Unless your current probiotic contains high doses of several spore strains, it is not providing all these beneficial effects. Use MegaSporeBiotic to take complete advantage of all the functions of a true probiotic. 

Q:  Why is MegaSporeBiotic different from other probiotics already on the market?

MegaSporeBiotic is the only product with 5 pharmaceutical grade bacillus spore strains. In addition, MegaSporeBiotic is the first probiotic to introduce a strain that produces key nutrients in the digestive system. In this case, the nutrients produced are powerful carotenoid antioxidants. Carotenoids are the beneficial antioxidants found in colored fruits and vegetables.  Carotenoids from dietary supplements however are poorly absorbed and most people do not eat as many colored fruits and vegetables as they should, thus supplementation with a carotenoid rich probiotic is highly important. These beneficial bacteria produce high levels of carotenoids and vegetables as they should, thus supplementation with a carotenoid rich probiotic is highly important. These beneficial bacteria produce high levels of carotenoids.

Q:  Can probiotics or spore probiotics be safely taken when breast feeding or pregnant­?

Yes, we have a number of clients and individuals who are taking the product during pregnancy and nursing. If the pregnant or nursing mother has strong inflammatory conditions or yeast issues, they should also be titrated up so there isn’t a detox reaction. As with similar nutritional products during pregnancy, please consult with your health care provider for specific recommendations for you.

Q:  Will the spores still work if you pull the pill apart and take it?

Absolutely. This is the preferred way to administer to children.  It can be pulled apart and the powder mixed into nearly any food or drink.  It is temperature stable, so it can even be mixed into hot tea, coffee or soup.  There is no real taste impact of the powder.

Q:  Does MegaSporeBiotic need to be refrigerated?

No.  That's what make Megaspore so effective.  It can withstand high heat (i.e. stomach) and thus able to make its way into the intestinal tract where the real work is done.

Q:  What is the shelf life of MegaSporeBiotic?

2 Years, expiration date will be indicated on the bottle.

Q:  Any significance of taking after a meal? What about if on an empty stomach?

Yes.  The amino acids and carbohydrates in food help the spores move from their dormant (spore state) to their active (vegetative state) form in the GI.  There are tremendous immune benefits if the spores are made to germinate into their vegetative state in the upper GI itself and so taking just after a meal (10-20 mins after) is ideal.

Q:  Can pets (cats & dogs) be supplemented with MegaSporeBiotic?

Yes, the strains are universal probiotics and are used in all types of animals and livestock throughout the world, including marine life. Take one capsule, pull it apart and sprinkle it on their food.


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