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Below, discover the 2 MOST IMPORTANT STEPS for how I reversed my Hashimoto's with ZERO medication and now live symptom free.

#1 - Repair Your Gut

The root cause of most thyroid, autoimmune and inflammatory conditions (including some cancers) is having a leaky gut.

If you aren't familiar with that term, watch this 3 min. video now.  It will completely change your thinking on health and how to tackle those exhausting and frustrating thyroid symptoms.

Seriously, once I healed my gut, my symptoms began fading away pretty darn quick.

Unfortunately, our modern diets and lifestyles create the perfect storm to ravage our guts and digestive systems; leaving us vulnerable to anything from colds and flus to more serious conditions like Hashimoto's, Celiac Disease, Lupus, M.S., Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn's, Diabetes, Obesity, IBS, Cancer and more.

So, my 1st Thyroid Boost Quick Tip is to LEARN HOW TO REPAIR YOUR GUT with Microbiologist, Kiran Krishnan. You'll learn...

  • How your digestive system becomes "leaky" and how the affects your thyroid (and the harm it creates)
  • Why yogurt is a useless form of probiotic
  • How leaky gut affects MOMS in particular
  • How to eliminate gas, bloating, constipation, IBS, SIBO, Crohn's, candida, diarrhea and more
  • Kiran's science-backed results of women reversing their thyroid symptoms

Watch it here now or before bed tonight. It's the best 40 min. you can spend to improve your health.


2) Do 15 minutes of fitness three times per week.

Hands down, the best program I've found to boost energy, support the adrenals, balance thyroid hormones, eliminate brain fog and manage my weight has been Metabolic Prime.

This program is completely customizable to your current personal fitness ability and only requires following Dr. Teta's 15-minute fitness sequences three times a week.

It's that simple!  Really, I don't like working out and you certainly won't find me in a gym. Dr. Teta's system, however, is totally doable, requires no equipment and I find it very invigorating. I mean, what other program out there encourages you to REST during the session?! He does.

And the benefits to my health from Metabolic Prime have been priceless - much more energy, better sleep, balanced metabolism, no more blood sugar crashes, no more mid-day naps needed, and a fitter and stronger body.

If you're not a big "exerciser" like me, this may be a great little system for you too. You can download this super affordable, digital fitness series directly to your phone or iPad. Get details here.

**NOTE: I will say though that the Metabolic Prime information page is incredibly thorough and LONG so it requires some patience to read through...but the program is definitely worth owning and has helped thousands of TLC members eliminate fatigue, brain fog and flab (including yours truly and my hubby who's chest and abs are quite nice now, I have to say ; ). So, I really love it!

Welcome to the TLC Community! I'm so glad you've found us and that you are taking action to regain your health.

OK, I'll be in touch soon with free resources to help you feel better.  Until then, hang in there. You CAN feel normal again. I'll show you how.  Stay tuned...

Much love, Jen 

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